"Shall we recognise the essential, underlying and interconnected threads that unite humankind? Let’s imagine the existant 500,000 years of human history. Rock gives a feeling of that kind of time. In reality, we only know human civilization, in terms of the Holocene, a bare ten thousand years. And so, now, tortoise, what if I mentioned there is another Dispensation — a new cycle of time moving outward, shaping another 500,000 years, each one expanding, gradually, like the rings on a tree? Remember, a tree: as it grows, it draws a circle of unity, and another, and another"

I love your long view, Arlette, placing us where we are in the span of human/earth history - with a peak at the history yet to come, for which we are responsible in great part. Love your love of language, poetry,the people, animals, shape of the land that molds our hearts, bodies and souls.

Beautiful deep piece that bears many re-reads.


Author of AWAKE to Racism, former nun, social activist, teacher