“Mama, I can’t breathe.
Officer, sir, you’re killing me.
I can’t breathe!”

George Floyd’s voice, the voices of witnesses to his murder, voices of those who tried to intervene, to stop Derek Chauvin from crushing out his life…all are being heard again in the courtroom, amplified, repeated through articles, videos reaching the world.

Eighteen year old Darnella Frazier feeling guilty for not being able to stop the murder — “It could have been my father, brother, cousin…I’ve been up nights praying, apologizing to George for not doing more, not saving his life.” …

April 21, 2021


Photo by Angela Peterson/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel/Image Content Services, 4/20/21

Chauvin convicted on three counts of murder! George Floyd and people all over the world exhale. “Today we are able to breathe again,” said George’s brother Philonise. “Justice for George means freedom for all.” After many decades of police murders of African American people, still over 1,000 such cases every year in the US, with police rarely sanctioned, let alone convicted of murder, this jury decision was historic. There is good reason for the city of Minneapolis and the Black Lives Matter Plaza of DC to be filled with hugs, tears and joyous shouts of victory. …

"Shall we recognise the essential, underlying and interconnected threads that unite humankind? Let’s imagine the existant 500,000 years of human history. Rock gives a feeling of that kind of time. In reality, we only know human civilization, in terms of the Holocene, a bare ten thousand years. And so, now, tortoise, what if I mentioned there is another Dispensation — a new cycle of time moving outward, shaping another 500,000 years, each one expanding, gradually, like the rings on a tree? Remember, a tree: as it grows, it draws a circle of unity, and another, and another"

I love your…

Train police and military NOT to KILL!

Canadian police meditating before duty

Two more young African American men shot dead in the back by someone trained to kill, a Pentagon police officer. He killed them April 7, 2021 in the parking lot of a condo, walking distance from my home. The same killer threatened a homeless woman in his lobby with a shotgun and pepper sprayed her in May 2020. David Hall Dixon has worked at the Pentagon for two years, but has no legal authority in Maryland. He was trained to kill two decades ago in the Air Force, the Army reserve and now…

Joann Malone

Author of AWAKE to Racism, former nun, social activist, teacher

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